Date Title
Jessica J. Lee and Iman Datoo in conversation with Jelena Sofronijevic
Corinne Fowler and Ingrid Pollard in conversation with Jelena Sofronijevic
Yan Wang Preston in conversation with Ashish Ghadiali
Alaa Abu Asad in conversation with Ashish Ghadiali
Banu Subramaniam in conversation with Ashish Ghadiali
Mariam Mohamed: Decolonising Plant Medicine
Where do we go when we realise that we can’t go back to nature?
Migrant Futurism: Of Other Worlds
Ashanti Hare: River That Never Rests Iteration II
Invasion Ecology
Rethinking Invasion
Fern Leigh Albert: Wild Campers
Hanna Tuulikki: Dawn Chorus performance
Diversity in Gardens
Rosamund Adoo-Kissi-Debrah in conversation with Tsitsi Mareika Chirikure
Stephanie Loveless in conversation with IONE and Ashish Ghadiali
A Silent Walk
A Silent Walk: Commission
Sonya Dyer, Pseudomorph (2023)
Black Atlantic Weekend
Radical Ecology x EMPIRE LINES: Paul Gilroy
TJ Demos in conversation with Khaled Jarrar and Lorenzo Pezzani
Françoise Vergès in conversation with Sue Williamson and Deanna Dadusc
Open City Night School: Movement with Anairda
Musical Passage: workshop & jam session
Open City Night School: Deep Listening With Dr. Ximena Alarcón
Open City Night School: Trauma Geographies with Dr. Sana Murrani
Against Apartheid
Against Apartheid: Exhibition Guide
Against Apartheid: Artist Panel
Annalee Davis: Plotting Against The Plantation
Towards A Framework for Environmental Justice
Tomorrow’s Warriors: Isobella Burnham and Romarna Campbell
Migrant Futurism: Angela Camacho
Migrant Futurism: Françoise Vergès
Migrant Futurism: Kenmure Street
Tomorrow's Warriors and Musical Passage: performance & jam session
Love Ssega
Planetary Imagination
Tarkovsky’s Stalker: Cinematics of Gaia & Magic
Equilibrium: a public gathering
Equilibrium Roundtable
Scorching Suns, Rising Seas
Scorching Suns, Rising Seas: Film programme
Wim Thiery, Stephen Mutiso and Eva Peace Mukayiranga with Ashish Ghadiali
Saleem Huq and Imani Jacqueline Brown with Ashish Ghadiali
Avinash Persaud with Ashish Ghadiali
Nadia Ameli and Mizan Khan with Ashish Ghadiali