Mar 31 - Jul 02, 2023
Migration / Science-Fiction / Storytelling / Art / Film / Futurity / Climate Justice
Film Screening
The Box

Alternative description text goes hereImage: Ashish Ghadiali, Planetary Imagination, 2023 (still). Courtesy of the Artist.

Length of film, 8 mins 23 secs

Using The Box’s film and television archives, Planetary Imagination includes interview footage with the legendary science-fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke (author of 2001: A Space Odyssey), who grew up on a farm in Somerset, combined with educational footage about the solar system and beyond.

Through research, Ghadiali sourced stories of journeys in and out of the South West region including the arrival of Gujarati refugees from Uganda in 1972 and the evacuation of villagers in Hallsands, South Devon in 1917 alongside icons of transatlantic adventure - the Pilgrim Fathers and Francis Drake.

In an age of environmental crisis, the film engages with questions of how we relate to shared histories to imagine sustainable futures together.

List of archival content included in the work:

Ref: 234395 ‘The Solar System’ An insight into how the Solar System works. c1970s Ref: 234396 ‘The Universe: Beyond the Solar System’ An insight into the content and structure of the universe. c1970s Ref: 234404 ‘How We Know the Earth Moves’ An insight into how and why the Earth spins on its axis and travels around the Sun. c1970s Ref: 241708 Clock out time at Devonport Dockyard. 02.11.83 Ref: 241760 Exteriors Devonport Dockyard. 10.03.71 Ref: 241803 Goonhilly exteriors. 26.08.63 Ref: 56196e Interview with Mrs Prettyjohn, Hallsands. 18.12.64 Ref: 59469 The Royal Dockyard Devonport, documentary. Ref: 66250 Mayflower 70 celebrations in Plymouth. 1970. Ref: 6774 Wild About the West: Birds. Ref: 70111 South Crofty tin mine. 1964 Ref: 71651 Torcross Storms. 11.01.79 Ref: 72294 Ugandan Asian refugees. 1972 Ref: 72956b Interview with Mrs Patricia Wright. 30.05.67 Ref: 74178 Sidmouth Folk Festival. 1970. Ref: 74881 Ugandan Asian refugees, Heathfield Camp. 31.01.73 Ref: 80037 Tot of Rum, Avondale Arms. 12.03.71 Ref: 82208 Interview with Arthur C. Clarke. 16.12.73 Ref: 87632 Schoolchildren visiting the ruins of Hallsands. 17.01.78 Ref: AA0512 Scientists meet in Cornwall, to discuss the future of mankind. 04.11.88 Ref: AA5108 Pollution River Exe, Tiverton. 23.08.89 Ref: AF4617 Wheal Jane mine pollution, river Fal. 16.01.92 Ref: AL3316 Written In The Stars Rushes, shots of the moon. 06.11.90 Ref: H2518 Queen Elizabeth II visiting Plymouth Hoe. 22.07.88 Ref: N_446140 Helston Furry Day. 08.05.53 Ref: N_446385 Gorsedh Procession. 1930 Ref: N_446404 Ugandan Asian refugees at Heathfield Camp. 09.10.72 Ref: N_446405 Ugandan Asian refugees at Houndstone Camp. 02.10.72 Ref: N_446574 The Obby Oss at Padstow. 27.04.64

Planetary Imagination is produced by Radical Ecology, includes original music by DJ Yoda, is edited by Chris Dewar/Soundview Media and features sound design by Chris Timpson/Aurelia Soundworks.

The film is commissioned by The Box, supported by the British Film Institute & Arts Council England.